Is Stage Fright Your Cryptonite?

Everyone has their cryptonite. Mine is performing in front of an audience. I don’t feel that bad about it though, because most people feel this way. Sweaty palms, lack of breath, red face, shaky hands and an intensely beating heart are all traits I’m familiar with. It doesn’t just stop there. Some people – ah… Continue reading Is Stage Fright Your Cryptonite?

The Martial Art Styles of Ngo Cho Kun

The Ancestor Styles Ngo Cho Kun is a Southern Chinese martial arts style that has been derived from the principles and techniques of five father kung fu styles: the breathing methods and iron body style of Bodhidharma; the posture and dynamic power of the Luohan; the precision and movement efficiency of Tai Cho (Taizu); the… Continue reading The Martial Art Styles of Ngo Cho Kun

The Origins of Ngo Cho Kun

Ngo Cho Kun translates from the Hokkian language to “Five Ancestors Fist.” It is a style of kung fu adapted and modified using the techniques from five parent styles of kung fu.