Make Kung Fu your New Year’s Resolution

Why you shouldn’t join the gym rush Once upon a time when I was still in high-school, I joined a gym. I chose to do that as my fitness program than doing P.E. I’ve always been more interested in actual fitness than the semblance of it that is semi-portrayed in school gym classes. Honestly, I’m… Continue reading Make Kung Fu your New Year’s Resolution

Kung Fu Levels

I’m excited to announce that in the last month, I have advanced two levels in my kung fu training. In November, my Ngo Cho Kun kung fu group held an advancement ceremony for the students. I have now been in kung fu for about seven months. During that time, I was merely a student with… Continue reading Kung Fu Levels

Top 5 Benefits of Kung Fu

Besides the fact that kung fu teaches you some pretty sweet self-defence moves, not all the movements are geared towards fighting. Martial arts is not like any other sport. It’s a rounded form of exercise that balances your health in all areas. 1. Internal Health Kung fu emphasises the closeness between breathing and action. The… Continue reading Top 5 Benefits of Kung Fu

Update on My Kung Fu Journey

My 4-month journey It’s been 4 months since I started kung fu and I have seen a lot of improvement. My stamina and endurance have increased a lot and even my flexibility, while still not the best, has improved greatly. This goes to show that patience and hard work really does pay off. I can’t… Continue reading Update on My Kung Fu Journey