Kung Fu Levels

I’m excited to announce that in the last month, I have advanced two levels in my kung fu training. In November, my Ngo Cho Kun kung fu group held an advancement ceremony for the students. I have now been in kung fu for about seven months. During that time, I was merely a student with… Continue reading Kung Fu Levels

Is Stage Fright Your Cryptonite?

Everyone has their cryptonite. Mine is performing in front of an audience. I don’t feel that bad about it though, because most people feel this way. Sweaty palms, lack of breath, red face, shaky hands and an intensely beating heart are all traits I’m familiar with. It doesn’t just stop there. Some people – ah… Continue reading Is Stage Fright Your Cryptonite?

Does trust have a place in kung fu?

You might not think that trust is important when it comes to kung fu, after all, the point of kung fu is to fight, intimidate, trick and overpower your opponent. Like many martial arts, kung fu has a heavy focus on being able to defend and attack, so where does trust come in? I know,… Continue reading Does trust have a place in kung fu?

The 3 most popular styles of kung fu

Almost everyone knows that kung fu is a form of martial arts. But what some people might not be aware of is that there are different types and styles that fall under the category of kung fu. The style of kung fu that I practice is called Five Ancestors Fist or (Ngo Cho Kun) and… Continue reading The 3 most popular styles of kung fu

7 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Kung Fu Training

Each movement of your body is a small part of a circle. Your hands connect to your arms that connect to your shoulders, your back, your hips and each fibre of your body and together they create a force. Whether you are blocking an attack or throwing a punch, it requires a great amount of… Continue reading 7 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Kung Fu Training

Looking After Your Health While in School

Who else is excited that school’s back in session? Well, if you are, that’s probably because you’re not in school anymore. I graduated a few years ago, so I get to say “ha, ha suckers” to all my younger siblings who had to trod on back to school wearing frowns. To be fair, not everyone… Continue reading Looking After Your Health While in School

Why Martial Artists Shout

What’s up with all the yelling? As a kid, I went through a phase where I thought martial arts was the best. I was introduced to Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee very early on and they became my childhood heroes. Especially Jackie Chan. I remember waking up super early and sneaking past my parents bedroom… Continue reading Why Martial Artists Shout