Make Kung Fu your New Year’s Resolution

Why you shouldn’t join the gym rush Once upon a time when I was still in high-school, I joined a gym. I chose to do that as my fitness program than doing P.E. I’ve always been more interested in actual fitness than the semblance of it that is semi-portrayed in school gym classes. Honestly, I’m… Continue reading Make Kung Fu your New Year’s Resolution

Kung Fu Levels

I’m excited to announce that in the last month, I have advanced two levels in my kung fu training. In November, my Ngo Cho Kun kung fu group held an advancement ceremony for the students. I have now been in kung fu for about seven months. During that time, I was merely a student with… Continue reading Kung Fu Levels

Is Stage Fright Your Cryptonite?

Everyone has their cryptonite. Mine is performing in front of an audience. I don’t feel that bad about it though, because most people feel this way. Sweaty palms, lack of breath, red face, shaky hands and an intensely beating heart are all traits I’m familiar with. It doesn’t just stop there. Some people – ah… Continue reading Is Stage Fright Your Cryptonite?

Why Kung Fu Uses Circular Motion

My impression of Kung fu is that it seems have a strong focus on the range of motion and what the body is capable of. From balance to quick strikes. Whether you are going through the forms slowly or in the middle of a rapid spar, whatever movement you are making at any given time… Continue reading Why Kung Fu Uses Circular Motion