5 Ways Kung Fu Relieves Stress

We’ve all gone through those long days of work where it feels like time has suddenly slowed down and each minute feels like a gruelling hour. I’ll be honest, most days I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for work to end and it’s such a relief to get home and veg on the… Continue reading 5 Ways Kung Fu Relieves Stress

Top 5 Benefits of Kung Fu

Besides the fact that kung fu teaches you some pretty sweet self-defence moves, not all the movements are geared towards fighting. Martial arts is not like any other sport. It’s a rounded form of exercise that balances your health in all areas. 1. Internal Health Kung fu emphasises the closeness between breathing and action. The… Continue reading Top 5 Benefits of Kung Fu

How to Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment through Kung Fu

What is Spirituality? It is well-known that spirituality is heavily linked to kung fu. In any kung fu movie, there is some kind of representation of spirituality. For example, the makers of Kung Fu Panda showed Master Shifu on several occasions meditating and seeking “inner peace”. With these films we have an idea of what spirituality… Continue reading How to Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment through Kung Fu

Martial Arts Bruise Therapy

Do you ever stop getting bruises as a martial artist? The simple answer to this is no. Most forms of martial arts are designed for close-range combat where you will be fighting with opponents using fists, kicks, and other close-combat fighting techniques. An average day of kung fu training for me will always include some… Continue reading Martial Arts Bruise Therapy

How to Improve Your Flexibility

Why flexibility is important If you were to bend over right now, would you be able to touch your toes? Don’t worry if you can’t, because honestly, I know I can’t do it either. I have never been flexible and for the longest time, I believed I had zero flexibility potential within me. Who needs… Continue reading How to Improve Your Flexibility

Remembering to Breathe while Exercising

One. Two. Three. Four… Counting the reps in a set is no problem. It’s so easy to put all your concentration on the number of push-ups or crunches you’ve done. While in the middle of a workout, if you’re anything like me then all your focus is on what number of push-ups you’ve done and all your… Continue reading Remembering to Breathe while Exercising