7 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Kung Fu Training

Each movement of your body is a small part of a circle. Your hands connect to your arms that connect to your shoulders, your back, your hips and each fibre of your body and together they create a force. Whether you are blocking an attack or throwing a punch, it requires a great amount of… Continue reading 7 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Kung Fu Training

How to Improve Speed

Speed is very important in martial arts. Ngo Cho Kun is a kung fu based on strength and speed. The point is to knock the attacker down with one punch so they don’t get up again. But to make this more effective, not only should you have the strength to complete knock your opponent out,… Continue reading How to Improve Speed

7 Reasons Why Kids Should Join Kung Fu

I remember the feeling of dread the first time I saw my little sister wave a sword around when she was 12. I was convinced that she was going to chop her head own off, or worse, mine. And yes, my fear was mostly brought upon by sibling rivalry – siblings can be both best… Continue reading 7 Reasons Why Kids Should Join Kung Fu

How to Improve Your Flexibility

Why flexibility is important If you were to bend over right now, would you be able to touch your toes? Don’t worry if you can’t, because honestly, I know I can’t do it either. I have never been flexible and for the longest time, I believed I had zero flexibility potential within me. Who needs… Continue reading How to Improve Your Flexibility