Ngo Cho Kun Female Self Defense Seminar

We’ve been working hard for something big

For the last few months, Sifu Dan has been training us hard. I’ve been coming home with sore muscles and arms that feel like they couldn’t lift a glass to my lips. The strong smell of mint from the ointment I rub my bruised body with is a permanent scent I’m now stuck with. There are worse things than mint, so that’s actually not too bad. But everyday, I feel my body tremble from the intensity of the training. My mind is fuzzy from exhaustion and overexertion. All in preparation for the female self Defense seminar we are demonstrating on January 28 at Sunset Community Centre.

Okay, so I may have exaggerated a little, but everyone in my kung fu group has been working hard and we can’t wait to participate at the seminar.

Why girls should know self defense

I am so excited to be part of the demonstration for the female self Defense seminar. Being in a predominantly female family, it has always been important to me that we can all take care of ourselves and know how to defend ourselves should the need arise. My mindset generally leans more towards the more modern way of thinking. I think a woman can be independent. Who needs a man to take care of them, am I right girls?

But let’s be real. It’s great to say these types of things, but genetically speaking, men are stronger. They are just built that way. No matter how much I workout, the average man is probably still going to be stronger than me. Don’t get me wrong, just because a man will most likely win an arm wrestling match does not necessarily mean he is stronger. Women are strong. But just saying so won’t get us out of a sticky situation. I know too many women who have been victimized and hurt by men. It’s important that we know some techniques to be able to evade those situations.

Hopefully, no one else ever falls victim in a struggle for their well being. But we can’t predict the future, so it’s better to be prepared.

What we’ll be teaching

The Ngo Cho Kun group has a packed 4-hour itinerary for you on Sunday. We want to share with you as much valuable information on how to better defend yourself as we have time for. Don’t feel too overwhelmed. While there is so much we want to teach you, we also want to give you some experience going through these drills yourself.

How to escape holds

Imagine a hand shooting out from the shadows and a man tries to drag you into an alley. My first response would probably be to scream. But you still need to get away. Pulling and tugging won’t do you any good. So how do you get out of the hold and give yourself a chance to escape?

We will walk you through how to escape several different holds. They have been proven effective. Trust me, I’m not that strong and I was able to escape from the grip of our biggest member. It took a bit of force, but it still worked. Just getting away from someone who tries to grab you can be enough for an attacker to back off and can give you enough time to run away.

How to use what you have as weapons

Always make use of what you have and what’s around you. We will teach you how to hold keys and use umbrellas to ward off an attacker. We will also discuss what is considered self defense, what is within your power and where to draw the line.

When and where is the self-defense seminar

The seminar is being held at Sunset Community Centre 6810 Main Street on January 28, 2018. This event is sponsored by Sunset and is completely free. We welcome everyone to join us. Bring a friend who you think would be interested in learning some self defence tricks. The event starts at 9 and once agains, is completely free.

Please register online at the link below so we know to expect you.

One thought on “Ngo Cho Kun Female Self Defense Seminar

  1. Self defense is for everyone for self defense to work it must be cultivated by this I mean training, training and training…practice makes perfect..or else the techniques will not work it will be just a theory. Start with techniques that are practical and effective creating space to allow you to get away. The use of weapons of opportunities such as pens, sticks, rocks, shoulder bag etc.


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